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Warm Comfortable Ugg Boots, Mittens,Sheep skin rugs, Car Seat Covers  and Quality Australian Sheep skin products are now available to you whichever part of the world you are in!

You will find that all our ugg boots, car seat covers and other sheep skin products are very competitively priced.

The Woolshed is an Australian success story supplying quality Australian wool products over the internet. Order from the comfort of your own home these comfortable and warming products for the cold winter months ahead.

The Woolshed was established in 1975 as a family owned business and is currently expanding its markets into Europe and the Americas via the internet. All ugg boots,car seat covers and other sheep skin products are manufactured on the premises using the highest quality Australian sheep skins.

Ugg is the generic term used in Australia for sheep skin boots. We handmake authentic ugg boots from top quality Australian sheep skin. Our ugg boots are extremely warm ..Sheep skin is a natural insulator capturing your body heat. The wool is dense and retains its shape. Our ugg boots are available in short or long styles a selection of colours.i.e. sand, grey, black, nutmeg, chestnut, For natural warmth nothing compares with wool. Ugg boots are ideal for anyone suffering from chill blanes bad circulation or just cold feet....

So please, browse through our site and online catalogue! You can now use our secured online ordering sytem

Company: The Woolshed
Address: 195 Pine Rd ,  Woodcroft (Reynella Area), SA, 5163 (Google Map)
Phone: (08) 83874574
Contact Person: Deborah or Bill